8 Pack Silicone Round Coaster Molds Buytra Silicone Resin Mold Clear Epoxy Molds For Casting With Resin Concrete Cement And Polymer Clay, 8 Pack Roun

Quality Material These Round Coaster Molds Are Made Out Of Flexible Sturdy And Durable Silicone Which Makes It Easy To Release And Clean Up With Soap And Watermeasurements The Big Coaster Mold Measures Approx 10 10 15cm 394 394 060 Perfect Size For Making Your Unique Resin Coastersdesigned With A Lip On The Molds The Round Resin Silicone Molds Have A Lip On Them To Keep Beverage Spills Drips Condensation Etc From Running Off The Coaster Hold The Glasses In Place Which Is Very Nicewide Range Of Application The Resin Casting Mold Is Very V

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