Clear Epoxy Resin for Table Tops, Bars, Fiberglass, Concrete – Professional Grade High Gloss Finish Multi-Purpose Resin – 2 Gallon Kit

Brand: Epoxy ResinColor: ClearFeatures: SUPER GLOSSY SHINY FINISH EASY MIXING AT 1:1 BY VOLUME VOC FREE – NON TOXIC CURES CLEAR AND HARD AMERICAN COMPANY MADE IN THE USA Publisher: The Epoxy Resin StoreDetails: Are you looking for a n epoxy resin that is easy to use and can be used on a variety of applications? YOU FOUND IT! We are an american manufacturer of epoxy resins. This epoxy kit is clear, and suited for all applications. Can be used on; tabletops, wood coatings, jewelry making, boat building, art, crafts, decoupage coatings, & mari

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