Deep Pour River Table Epoxy Resin Clear Kit Glossy Finish | 3 to 1 Ratio – 8 Gallon Kit (Save $6.60 p/gallon)

We accept these forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal ——— Product Details: Clear Epoxy Resin Kits for Deep Pouring | 3 to 1 Ratio Each 4-gallon kit includes 3 gallons of Part A-side Resin and 1 gallon of Part B-side hardener. River Table Epoxy Resin helps you Achieve Stunning 2″ Thick Pours without babysitting bubbles because our resin has an incredible bubble release built-in. Our River Table Epoxy pours like water (very low viscosity) and is easy to clean up. Finally Less Mess, Fewer Bubbles, and Impe

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