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Find Out The Top Pros And Cons Of Using River Rock Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring System For Outdoor Surfaces

If you are on the fence about having pebble-stone epoxy installed on the concrete around your home then it’s time to decide whether it’s the right addition for your home and lifestyle. Just remember if you have been lucky enough to find a Pebble-stone epoxy company in your area that will do the work and if you have this system installed. You’re going to want to be very nice to them because there aren’t many companies that do this artistic craft. Should you ever need care for your system down the road you could end up being out of luck if you walk all over them.

Where to buy epoxy stone Sealer? here is where to purchase pebble-stone Epoxy sealer:

Epoxy Stone Sealer 1.5 gallon Kit. Resin/Hardener

Epoxy Stone Sealer 3 gallon. Resin/Hardener

It is the most difficult type of epoxy floor coating there is to install and that’s why not many companies in the United States do it. There is more advanced measuring and calculations needed when using epoxy stone due to the system being much thicker than other floor systems. You will hear contractors talking about square footage but pebble-stone can also be measured by cubic inch. They don’t dump the stone mixes onto the concrete and let the mixture self-level like other coating systems. It is hand-troweled and packed down with tight force for structural integrity.

less expensive

Now I know we are talking about outdoor concrete surfaces and not garage floors. But flake flooring is also being used outdoors on pool decks, patio, porch, and sidewalk so we wanted to mention it and show the difference between a rich pebble-stone resurfacing system and epoxy flake floor or paint chip floor coating.

tie the pebble-stone overlay from the driveway and get a smooth transition over the garage floor!

Also, I’ve seen a lot more Lamborghinis parked on top of a pebble-stone garage floor than I have on epoxy paint chip floors! Although there are a lot of Corvette Owners that love the epoxy paint chip system. Also, keep in mind that paint chip flakes are conveniently available for purchase on the Walmart website and Home Depot, which will make it convenient if you ever need to patch any areas in the future. Epoxy Science knows how important and vital it is for a stone system to be installed correctly. That’s why we want you to know about the advantages of our epoxy pebble stone system before installing it.

There are other epoxy floor options available that are less luxurious, and easy to install, use less epoxy resin because of how thin those systems are composed of like metallic epoxy floors or epoxy flake floors. For metallic floors, you can dump the material on the surface and it will self-level over the floor. Epoxy Flake is the “The Poor Mans Pebble-Stone” in comparison.

Epoxy resin engineered for outdoor use

The epoxy resin used for outdoor use with pebble-stone is high performance and is UV resistant.

Luxurious Pebble-Stone EPoxy & River Rock Or..

Pebble-stone epoxy resurfacing material
River Rock Stone And Epoxy Coating

“Cheaper synthetic epoxy paint-chip Flake Floors”

epoxy flake floor coating
Flake Or Epoxy Paint-Chip Coating System

*We meant “flake” not fake synthetic paint chips but yes, if your asking then you should know that the flake floor system consists of synthetic paint chips and not beautiful, lusterous natual stone. This system isn’t fooling anybody. Just kidding flake floors are fantastic but we are biased to epoxy pebble flooring. 🙂

Here Are A Few Of The Pros And Cons Of Pebble-Stone Epoxy or epoxy stone flooring for Outside To Consider:

Pro #1:

Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring is the most luxurious form of an epoxy floor and coating available. The way this system is put down is simply art. The hard part is finding a reputable company to install it. There are a lot of costs and it is very laborious to install pebble-stone epoxy. We suggest going with a company that has been around for at least over 20 years.

Newer companies tend to lack the necessary equipment needed to do the job properly. Companies that are “new” generally have “newer” employees or are training workers at the expense of your job installation. But Pebble-Stone companies that have been around for a long time have experienced any and all technical difficulties and have all the knowledge. 

it is durable and will last

It’s a very durable material and with proper care, it will last for many years. An epoxy floor installed inside or outside your home is a durable, long-lasting solution for all your needs. It can last for decades. Epoxy-Stone coatings protect your outdoor concrete surfaces from damage.

That damage could come from heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, extreme weather conditions, salt, chemicals, oil, stains, and more. You can easily save yourself the disruption of replacing your outdoor flooring or concrete slabs every several years by switching to a pebble-stone epoxy solution. Plain old concrete cracks, Pebble-Stone Epoxy is crack resistant.

Con #1:

As we discussed, installing an epoxy floor is a project that requires care and attention. If it is not, it will not last nearly as long as if it should and could potentially create mold problems and more.

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice, so if you decide to go this route, be sure to call a trustworthy professional company with a good track record in the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get all the benefits of this stone-bond system.

Pro #2:

Because a lot of the flooring used in outdoor areas is exposed to the elements, it’s best not to spend a fortune on it. The great news about epoxy is that it’s both durable and affordable, making it the perfect cost-effective solution for cracked, ugly concrete.

After having pebble-stone installed consider the money you have saved by not having to send a concrete company out to tear your concrete out and replace it. Only for it to get cracked, pitted, and stained again in the future. Now you can put that regimen in the past!

Con #2:

Epoxy flooring will require some maintenance just like anything outdoors or any other decorative coating system that is exposed to the sun. Every once in a while it will require just a clear coat over the top to rejuvenate the surface. This occasional sealing brings the system back to life and looks like it was on day 1 of installation.

Most people don’t know that concrete should be sealed for maintenance unless you plan on putting an overlay down in the near future.

Most people don’t know that your concrete should be sealed often. Sealing river rock epoxy flooring is super simple. You can do it yourself. 

Pro #3:

The epoxy coating serves as a hard, protective barrier or shields over your concrete. It protects and helps to strengthen materials or objects that are exposed to extreme temperatures or other damaging conditions. Waterproof floors are also used around pools because they are easy to clean and are resistant to damage from liquids and spills.

Epoxy floors can keep their high-quality and slip resistance when they are wet (if properly installed). They will not rot like hardwood and other flooring does when they are wet. Epoxy is an excellent floor sealant that will not break down in the presence of water or spills. 

Porch And Walkway
Stairs & Steps
Front Walkway
Custom Garage Floor
Rounded Patio
Pool Deck

Anywhere There Is Concrete To Cover!

River Rock Redefined. Pebble Paving. Stone Carpet Craft.

Epoxy Science Research Studies. Albert Einstein Of Epoxy Science
Albert Einstein Of Epoxy Science

Our Conclusion To The Pros And Cons Of Using Epoxy-Stone For Exterior Use:

There are many advantages and disadvantages to epoxy-stone resurfacing that are very important to consider when choosing whether or not to have this epoxy system installed. The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to epoxy. Have you ever thought about upgrading the flooring outside your home?

Beautiful and unique flooring system

Pebble-stone epoxy is a unique and very beautiful flooring solution that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The stone is very durable but is also very easy to clean. It’s one of those things that you will always want to have as a floor, especially if you live in a house that gets a lot of use. You can walk on these floors for years without having to worry about getting any sort of wear or damage.

Hire a professional epoxy flooring contractor for this concrete resurfacing system

The main drawback with this flooring solution is that it isn’t easy to install. If you do choose to install a pebble-stone floor, it is imperative that you hire a professional to do the work for you. If you are unsure if your company is capable of installing a stone floor check them out on the BBB and see what reviews are out online about them. 

Where to Buy Pebble-stone Epoxy resin? Pebble Stone Epoxy Resin Supplier

Where to Buy Epoxy Stone Resin? Epoxy Stone Supplier

Very little maintenance

 Pebble-Stone provides a long-lasting, durable floor that requires little to no maintenance. It’s durable and beautiful. There is a large selection of colors and designs for you to choose from and even custom borders. Pebble-Stone has been used for years in Europe and America as the standard for a beautiful outdoor floor. It is also commonly known as a beautiful hardwood alternative.

The beauty of Pebble-Stone is its durability. It’s a great solution for any outdoor setting and will last for decades. If you are looking for a great way to save your outdoor concrete from cracking then consider this system as an option.

Strong, Beautiful, and easy to keep clean

If you looking for a durable, beautiful, easy-to-clean surface to protect and decorate then look no more. Pebble Stone Epoxy flooring is a non-slip, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant flooring product. It can be easily cleaned and maintained. Contact Epoxy Science For Any Questions.

Pebble-stone Epoxy Supplier:

AeroMarine Rock and Pebblestone Epoxy Resin 1.5 gallon Kit

AeroMarine Rock and Pebblestone Epoxy Resin 3 Gallon Kit

2 thoughts on “Find Out The Top Pros And Cons Of Using River Rock Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring System For Outdoor Surfaces”

  1. Should epoxy stone be waterproof? Our experience has been that water flows down thru the epoxy stone to the concrete.

    1. Hi, The epoxy serves to waterproof the stones that it incapsulates, but the system, when installed properly should be porous and allow for the water to flow through the pebble-stone system. The reason for this is so that the system can breathe better and be easy to clean through to the concrete so that dirt doesn’t get permanently trapped. Also in freezing conditions its engineered like this to prevent the system from cracking.

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